Yuna’s Story

It is incredible how fast time passes. Today exactly three years ago we picked up our Yuna to give her a new home. As the most of you know, Yuna comes from a romanian dog shelter. However, least of you know her story. Which day would be a better one to start our own blog and tell you about her?

How did we happen to get Yuna?

Because we already had Sammy we often took dog walks and generally had much social contact with other people and their wonderful dogs. Plenty of them were former shelter dogs from Romania. We got to know a lot about saving dogs and quickly realized that our next dog should be one of these shelter dogs. Our friends worked with a romanian organization and we had a look through their albums. Since we already had a dog our focus was in finding a partner for Sammy with a fitting personality and needs we could fulfill in our family. We did not choose dogs by looks but rather asked for descriptions of different dogs. We were especially looking for a calm, relaxed and social dog. In fact Yuna matched this description best.

Yuna back when she was only #482

This is the first picture we ever saw of Yuna. But back then her number was 482 and she did not have a name. Not only did her character fit best but we also instantly fell in love with this cutie! After our pre-checks by the organization went positive and we signed a protection contract nothing kept us from officially adopting Yuna. This dog would come to us in Germany.

Yuna in the shelter

Yuna in the private shelter in May 2014

Yuna was “lucky” to be in a private shelter. Before that she was kept in a public killing shelter in Mihailesti. You can distinguish that fact by the big ear tags that all neutered dogs in the killing shelter wear. Only those dogs are allowed to be rescued using donations to take them to private shelters. Luckily, Yuna was saved from the killing shelter in march 2014 when she was about one year old. We don’t know how long she had been there nor where she came from and what she did before.

Adoption day

Yuna on her pickup day on 2014-07-07

On seventh of july 2014 Yuna finally came to Germany. When we picked her up she was rather aloof. One could make out how the long travel had gotten to her because she was very cautious. We were able to touch and lift her and she even picked treats from our hands very carefully but she wouldn’t walk a single step with us. So we carried her to the car, buckled her up and drove her home where our boy Sammy awaited us, unsuspicious of the surprise we brought. We arranged the first meeting outside of our home on a neutral ground. Yuna was very cautious and wouldn’t walk with us but did not show any signs of fear. However, when she first met Sammy something got triggered inside her mind. She switched from a dog who wouldn’t walk to a playful cheery girl in an instant. The ice was broken and she started trusting us and would walk home with us. Back in her new home little Yuna needed to take a bath first. Living in such a big romanian shelter unfortunately comes along with no chances of getting bathed or groomed. Also little accidents happen during the long travel from Romania to Germany. Up until this point we have rescued nine dogs from abroad and we always notice that they smell the same. No bad feelings here, we love all of these little puppers instantly, no matter the perfume. 🙂

Yuna on her side even liked the first bath and afterwards scouted our whole apartment excitedly wagging her tail. She never was in a home before, a place where someone gave her love and cared for her. Until this day we are convinced that she felt that she had finally arrived where she belongs. This video shows happy after-shower Yuna scouting the apartment.

She always came towards us and wanted nothing but love. If you would ask her what she needed the most her answer would probably “Pet me. Pet me more!” This hasn’t changed to this day but she sure has a lot of time to work up.

Yuna and Sammy together on their first day

She immediately got along with Sammy, it was love at first sight. He managed to break the ice and he helped her arrive with us. They played, napped and snuggled together from the first day. They were of one mind from the first moment and they still are.

Yuna today

So what can I say? After experiencing these first hours we knew it was the right and best decision to adopt #482, our Yuna. Who now thinks in stereotypes like “she sure must be a scaredy-dog after what she’s been through” is totally wrong! From day one she was easy to handle and able to relax everywhere. No matter if we’re in the park, a restaurant or the shopping mall: Yuna can lie down and sleep no matter what’s happening around her. She walked on the leash perfectly right away and after a few days we were able to unleash her because she would never leave our side. Even though she still is a wary one we can’t think of anything that would scare her. Of course she had to learn a lot and get to know many things, she rather was like an adult puppy. We needed to housetrain her and teach her about walking stairs and commands like sit, come here and stay, just like a little puppy. But from the very start she was full of love and the will to please. She loves every human who wants to pet her, no matter how old they are or what they look like, everyone is allowed to rub her belly. Wherever we go, Yuna breaks everyone’s hearts.

Sammy and Yuna and their original paw prints

We are so grateful and happy to have our Yuna. She has shown and taught us so much. She has developed into the perfect family dog and companion. We are incredibly glad that she is able to help us fight all the negative prejudices against shelter dogs and that she always shows us humans what a wonderful and sincere dog she is ♥

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