Dogs alone at home – what are my dogs doing when I’m gone?

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What are my dogs doing when I’m not at home? Are they restless and bark or do they simply sleep until I get back? We were able to test the dog camera made by Furbo to find out what Sammy and Yuna really do all the time when we’re away from home.

Staying alone is a difficult topic for many dog owners. Their dogs may fear separation or destroy things out of stress when they have to stay alone. Dogs are pack animals, meaning it’s natural for them to stay together with their pack all the time without getting separated. Unfortunately it’s not that easy to realize in our daily routine. Apart from work and grocery shopping there are usually plenty of situations not suited for us to take our dogs with us.

We actually don’t like to leave them at home and take them with us whenever it’s possible. This usually works fine since Sammy and Yuna want to be with us and can relax even in the city or on other occasions. Nevertheless, if we have to leave them at home sometimes we usually leave them with an uneasy feeling, even though we usually find them totally pooped and sleepy when we get back home – as if we never left. But we never know what exactly they are doing. Are they having a hard time as soon as we close the door? Does it trouble them when we stay away for a few hours? Can they really take staying alone as easy as we believe them to?

Did Sammy and Yuna ever have issues staying alone?

When we got Sammy back in March 2014 he was only ten weeks old. We trained him to have time-outs and staying alone in a kennel from the very beginning. Thanks to that we never had any serious issues. We adopted Yuna from Romania in June 2015 when she was 1.5 years old. She stayed “alone” all her life – nearly all the time with other dogs in a shelter. We trained her – same as Sammy – staying alone in a kennel at the beginning to make sure she was able to remain calm even when we were not at home. She is so relaxed that she can sleep in nearly every place, no matter if we’re outside or how noisy her surroundings are or where we are. Yet she had some issues staying alone in the beginning. She bonded with us in no time. Our usually deeply relaxed Yuna would get very troubled by us leaving her alone even though sammy was with her. We needed to build her up step by step to give her the required certainty. This usually works fine by now but we still don’t get good vibes leaving her all alone without Sammy without having trained her.

When we learned that we would be allowed to test the Furbo dog camer we got all excited and curious.

The Furbo dog camera

The dog camera by Furbo is not only a simple camera you can set up to record what the dogs do in times of your absence. It features 1080p high resolution and a wide angle lens covering 160° allowing you to overview a whole room.
It also comes along with an infrared night view mode letting you perfectly see in the dark. But the biggest catch about the camer is that you can hook it up to your wi-fi and use the free-of-charge Furbo app to get a live view of what your dogs are doing right now sparing you from such hassles like setting up and renting a web server.  

The app is easy to handle and after logging in you can use every smartphone to access the live stream. The Furbo dog camera also features a speaker you can control using the app tot alk to your dogs. Furthermore you can let the camera fling treats at your dogs. It utilizes a it’s microphone as a “bark-sensor” which recognizes when your dogs are barking. You can activate push notifications in the app telling you when your dogs bark even when you’re not actively using it.

Using the Furbo dog camera

Of course we immediately tried and tested every function. Since one of us is working at home and the other one is studying Sammy and Yuna nearly never need to stay alone.When we need them to stay alone they usually have one room to stay in – either our bedroom or the guest bedroom. Setting up the Furbo dog camera was easy and took no time at all.

After setting everything up in the guest bedroom we took the chance and left them alone.photo_2018-06-28_09-51-18 Conveniently we helped a good friend moving which was our chance. We left them on the bed (yes, they are allowed there 🙂 ) and went off. Our dogs just stayed put and even though they looked around and watched the door for a while they didn’t seem to be nervous and they did not get up and walk around at all.

photo_2018-06-28_09-51-18 (2).jpg

Two or three minutes later they found more comfortable resting positions and they slowly fell asleep. They indeed did nothing but sleep. That was a great relief and I have to admit that having the option of checking on them totally calmed me down as well.

photo_2018-06-28_09-51-18 (3).jpg

The situation did not change in the following three hours. Sammy and Yuna stayed on the bed and slept away. When we looked at the live stream another time we got totally scared because Sammy was seemingly gone. This was the moment when we first tried the voice function and called for Sammy. Suddenly both of them raised their heads and looked towards the camera. Sammy was in the bed the whole time but we didn’t see him because he tucked himself in. You can see it in this picture if you look closely. Soon after that the dogs calmed down and fell asleep again.

photo_2018-06-28_09-51-18 (4).jpg

Another three hours later the sun was gone and the night vision mode had activated. Both dogs were still in bed and slept tight. On that day we left home for exceptionally long six hours. The Furbo dog camera gave us an incredible amount of certainty because we were able to confirm that Sammy and Yuna were okay all the time and they didn’t show any sign of not being okay with our absence. Since we miss our dogs when we are gone we were able to simply watch them sleep which gave us a good feeling.

Conclusion: is the Furbo dog camera worthwile?

We were amazed by the concept of the Furbo dog camera and we have to admit that this was something we craved when we first saw it. The camera is easy to set up and handle looks really neat.

Having a speaker and treat-thrower really up your dog surveillance game. Some might think that this is some unnecessary feature but every dog is different. What might confuse one dog might be a great function for another one. The speaker is working great for Sammy and Yuna because they listen to what we say but don’t get confused.

Of course we tested the treat throwing feature as well. Our dogs love it, of course, but it makes them kind of nervous. They would start walking around looking for treats. That’s why we didn’t use that feature after testing it because it’s best for them to relax and sleep when we’re gone and you know what they say: Let sleeping dogs lie.

We will definitely use the camera to train Yuna to stay alone without Sammy. The Furbo is perfect for this purpose. Train your dog who can’t completely stay alone or still needs to learn it. When getting a new dog, this is a great concept for creating a solid foundation.

The Furbo dog camera gives us a good feeling. We don’t suffer from remorse and can feel close to them. Knowing that they are all right we can enjoy our time outside without the dogs as well. Every time we need to leave the house without them we have a look at them in the app. This is adding up to our living quality and we don’t want to miss it! 🙂

If you’re interested in the Furbo dog camera you can find it following this link:


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