Does adding supplements to your dog’s meals really make sense?

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Those of you who have been following our instagram feed for a while know that we place emphasis on a species-appropriate diet for Sammy and Yuna. We don’t use supplements often but we are certain that they can be helpful when used purposefully. When selecting supplements we look for those which contain natural ingredients only. We were able to test the supplements CALM and MOVE by Belso since December.Calm can be fed to dogs which suffer from stress and anxiety. It acts relaxing and recreative while move is being fed to dogs to support their joints. Every Belso product is made of 100% natural ingredients and is absolutely grain-free which makes it suitable even for dogs with allergies. Furthermore these products are being produced in germany cruelty-free and without use of genetic manipulation. In my humble opinion another great point about it is that these products don’t come in plastic but rather glass packaging which makes it more friendly to the environment 🙂

When does giving calming supplements make sense?

Sammy and Yuna are pretty relaxed dogs, no matter if we’re in a restaurant or a shopping mall; they usually just lay down and sleep until we continue our way. We strive to accomplish our dogs’ relaxation mainly through training and resting phases. Our dogs being calm is very important to us especially in our daily routine since we like to take them with us and we don’t want them to feel any unfounded stress or anxieties but rather have them master and enjoy any new situations. Even though we usually accomplish this goal, some special situations might manage for our own stress to carry over to our dogs. Especially on holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Eve the surroundings might get noisy, troublesome and exhausting. When we visit our extended family there are usually young children around, causing lots of trouble. These are moments when Sammy and Yuna are being fed the Calm supplement. The natural herbs have helped our dogs calm down in between all the holiday madness. Our dogs being all relaxed naturally helps us worry less. We figure that Calm might even be supportive for dogs who tend to be nervous or anxious.

When does giving joint-supporting supplements make sense?

We mainly used the Move supplement on our foster dog Mateo who unfortunately is missing a front paw due to an accident, causing him to limp until we can get him a prosthetis. This gait pattern might affect his joints sooner or later. Our veterinarian encouraged us to feed him supplements which support his locomotory system. He accepts Move great (as well in a digestive way as in taste) and we hope that it helps his joints stay strong until we can support him physically. Sometimes we take longer hikes and sometimes Sammy and Yuna feel more sportive. These are situations when they are being fed Move as well. Our experience shows that Move also helps dogs who love to move a lot or might suffer from health impairments regarding their locomotory system.

Our conclusion on Belso products

After three months of testing we can conclude that we are very satisfied with the quality and effect of the Belso products Calm and Move. Sure, these supplements might not be out of the low-price category but their quality justifies the price and ever after three months of testing there is still plenty left. Furthermore our dogs go crazy for the supplements which means that they seem to taste great!
Even though the Belso products are being composed in a way that allows you to feed them to your dogs on a daily base we only gave them to ours only when required and in a curative way since we don’t want to change our habit of only supplementing our dogs’ food when needed.

All in all we think that supplements can take an important part in a dog’s diet. Especially when they contain natural ingredients and being used purposefully they might help dogs in several various situations!

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